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Special Events

Are you planning your wedding?
Why not create a site where to save the emotions of your day, to remember it forever?

Are you planning your wedding? Why not create a dedicated website, where you can store photos, videos, comments, and share the emotions of your special day, to remember forever the most beautiful moments of your life, with your friends and the people you love.

A new idea, to share and remember this moment, integrated with the favorite social networks, where guests can post their photos, taken during the event and comment on them.
A virtual place where all the guests can talk about the wedding, the best, most exciting, most enjoyable moments of it, with texts, photos and videos.

A website where the new couple can talk about the first stages of the wedding preparation, the most important, the choice of the dress, the flowers, the restaurant choice up until the wedding day itself, to remember forever this magic moment and to share it with friends and relatives.

Want to make unique and unforgettable your day?